Step-by-Step Process

Step 1:

Before fastening the hook to the wall, select a Hangeroo guide that (a) fits snugly onto the hook and (b) extends from the wire beyond the top edge of the picture frame.

Step 2:

After fastening the hook to the wall, slide the open end of the selected guide over the hook.

Step 3:

Position the capped end of the guide between the wire and the back of the frame, then slide the frame down until the wire is seated in the hook.

Step 4:

Center the frame to the guide and level it, then pull up on the guide to remove.


Hangeroo Makes It Easy!

Helpful Hints

1. Drinking straws don’t work! We tried it and wasted a few good straws in the process. We developed the Hangeroo…so you don’t have to.

2. Multiple sizes. The guides come in three different internal diameters indicated by the white, black and red protective caps. Each diameter comes in two lengths, 13″ and 17″. This combination of diameters and lengths fits the majority of picture hanging variables – hook size, picture size and position on the wall.

3. Hanging frames of more than 48″ in height. Hangeroo will work with frames of any size as long as the distance between the wire and the top edge of the frame is 16″ or less.

4. Using hooks with a weight rating of more than 50lb. You can use a Hangeroo guide with any common (or conventional) picture hook as long as it fits snugly onto the hook.

5. Fitting the Hangeroo guide over the hook. If you have trouble fitting the open end of a guide over a hook because the opening is a bit too small, then you can widen it by gently squeezing it with a pair of pliers.

6. Hanging frames using two hooks. Assuming the hooks are the same size, use two guides of the same diameter and length.

7. Looking behind the picture. We suggest you get visual confirmation the wire is seated in the elbow of the hook. Before removing the Hangeroo guide, simply use the camera or video and flashlight functions of your smartphone to “see” behind the picture.

8. Hanging frames with open backs. Hangeroo works with open-back frames as well. Please be especially careful so as not to damage the artwork. Here’s a suggested technique: First, as usual, fasten the hook to the wall and connect the guide to the hook. Next, keeping the flat surface of the frame parallel to the wall, rotate the frame such that you can introduce, at one end of the frame, the capped end of the guide between the back of the frame and the wire. Then, keeping the capped end of the guide on the outside of the frame, carefully rotate the frame back to its normal hanging position. While rotating the frame, it may help for someone to hold on to the capped end of the guide to ensure it is not dislodged from the hook.

9. Flip or Snip. If you hang lots of pictures, then the plastic end of the guide will wear down eventually. Simply flip the protective cap from the unused end to the worn end or snip off the worn portion (typically ¼” or so).

Always use Hangeroo or any other tool in a safe manner. Ask someone to assist when hanging a large or heavy picture frame.

Hangeroo® Makes It Quick & Easy!