Inspired by experiences and learnings in their personal lives and professional careers, Rustam (Rus) and Farida Wadia, a husband and wife team, started Helping Hands Innovations, LLC (HHI) in 2011. They are passionate about contributing to the greater good in a sustainable way over the long term.

Farida and Rus Wadia with the new Hangeroo logo

Farida & Rus Wadia with the Hangeroo logo.

HHI is a philanthropic entrepreneurship. Its mission and business philosophy are simple: “Do Well by Doing Good” — to benefit the larger community as well as serve its customers with a high quality, affordable product that solves a common problem.

Rus grew up a Boy Scout in India, earning the rank of President Scout (the equivalent of Eagle Scout). Through his various volunteer activities, he saw the need to extend a helping hand to people who were challenged and, in some cases, overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control.

Soon after receiving his MBA in 1984 from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA, Rus joined a large financial services company. Through his work with United Way and other community-based organizations, he once again experienced up-close the ongoing need for a helping hand and became conscious of “doing well by doing good.”

That business philosophy resonated strongly with him and he committed himself to live by it as well as the Boy Scout Promise, “… to help other people at all times….”

Rus adds to the story….

“My mom was endowed with a bold spirit and entrepreneurial aptitude that spurred her to leverage her training as a teacher and start a kindergarten, which she ran successfully for 40+ years. From an early age, she taught me to face life squarely and stay true to one’s mission.

“As a young boy, I was the apprentice to my dad during his frequent trips to help others with everything from fixing a leaking faucet to keeping track of their finances. He had an inventive mind and a knack for coming up with simple solutions to everyday problems around the house.

“It brought him real pleasure to be of service to others and, before long, I began to follow in his footsteps.

“I am blessed to be married to my wife, Farida, who shares the same beliefs.

“Together, we are committed to making a positive difference in our community.”

Hangeroo® is a Simple Solution to a Common Problem.